Drum Keys Tuning Tools

As a drummer, tuning your drum is one of the most important maintenance activities. Before the drummer starts playing or recording, these guys should ensure that the drum is well tuned and ready to sound good. Generally drum kit contains brass drum, cymbal, snare, hi-bats and toms. While tuning your drum set, start with tuning the snare drums.

At the beginning tune the top head. Each of the lug is to be turned clockwise to increase the tension of the head and to increase the drum pitch. The drummer can also tune one lug and then tune the lug on its opposite side preferably 180 degrees away. The drums are bound to sound better when you do not tune these tugs in a circular sequence. One should be careful not to tune too high as the heads tend to break easily.

Test the pitch of each lug while tuning your drum set when finished by lightly playing about one inch away from the lug with a drumstick. While tuning your drum set ensure that all lugs have equal pitch. Remember to tune your drum at this point.

Guitar center purchase guitar of your liking

A new guitar is always adjusted at the place of manufacture to be somewhat flat. However, over time as one begins to use it and tighten the strings, either because of the tension or because of other reasons including the weather, the neck can bend slightly out of shape. In such situation, you will have to adjust the Guitar Neck, through tightening of what is known as the truss rod.

If you are looking for

Guitar Center, gibson les paul standard then there are several benefits from several groundbreaking updates from Les Paul Standard 2017 T. New Ultra-Modern weight relief allows the user for comfortable play and greater sonic depth. A luscious Grade-AAA flame maple top harks to the classic beauty of the ’Burst. It has an asymmetrical slim-taper neck profile with a compound-radius fingerboard and rolled binding team up for outstanding comfort, speed and bend-ability. And push-pull switching on all four knobs for coil tapping on pickups, a pure bypass, and phase reverse all combine in a truly modern Les Paul that still looks legendary.






MF Traktor Kontrol s4

A safe and functional flight case for your traktor control s4 dj system is here. This robust and reliable case is designed especially for traktor control s4. The casing is constructed of durable wood and aluminum with a soft felt padding on the inside. It can easily be turned into a rock-solid laptop stand as well as elevating the S4 unit to the level of industry-standard DJ hardware. There’s a detachable front panel to let you easily adjust the front of your S4, as well as rubber fett on the bottom for sturdy positioning. It’s a compact solution that fits into any DJ booth.

Some of the features of MF traktor kontrol s4 are it elevates your S4 unit to industry-standard DJ hardware height, detachable front panel for adjusting controls on the front of the S4 and Wood with aluminum casing and inner felt padding. Browse and find your favorite tracks in seconds. Full iTunes integration in traktor pro 2 means your library and playlists are quickly accessible directly from traktor.

Water is life – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

The community itself depends on water. Thus, it is necessary to use water wisely as it is critical for our survival. We cannot live without water as life is impossible without it. Water sustains life on earth.

Water is made up of molecules that have two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom joined together. It can take three forms like liquid, solid (ice) and gas (vapor). Thus water exists in all three forms on Earth.

Water is Life – Part 1

You may be amazed to know that plants and animals are made of mostly water. Clean water is needed by human beings to keep them healthy. Without drinking water you would die in about one week. Our need for water links us to the past and to other living creatures. Since ancient times, societies have succeeded or failed in their ability to get clean water and protect it for future use.

Water is essential for everything like to fight fires, flush out toilets, to build the cars we drive.

Continued in Part 2

Band Stores Near Me At Guitar Center

One of the largest chains of musical instrument retailers in the world is the Guitar Center throughout the United States with its headquarters in Wedtlake Village, California. They are the greatest selection of guitars, basses, drums, keyboards and percussions along with studio gear, live sound and lighting equipment. Guitar center feels proud in serving customers worldwide and since there is a strong relationships with the top musical instrument brands. They also offer the best gear at a completely affordable price.

Guitar center was founded in Hollywood by Wayne Mitchell in 1959 as the Organ Center. It was a center of retailer of electronic organs for home and church use. In the year 1964 it became a major seller of Vox electric guitars and guitar amplifiers and changed the name to Vox Center. By the end of 1960, VoX made extensive use of the sales derived largely from its association with The Beatles, who made extensive use of its amplifiers. Mitchell again changed the name to Guitar Center.

You can buy guitars at band stores near me at Guitar Center.

Purchase Good Wood Guitar Stand

There are various types of guitar stand available in the market. All the guitar stand is not the same though it may appear to be so. When you shop around and buy the cheapest one only then we come to know that there is at least one mistake in the stand purchased by you. Eventually, only later on we find that a good wood guitar stand is one of the wisest investments made by you. It helps to keep your guitar safe from damages. It also to enables your expensive condenser mic and other accessories safely.

Whenever you are using a stand with a guitar you should be careful that it has a nitrocellulose lacquer finish.  The contact with plastic and metal will cause the finish to wear out and hence it is good to make use of wood or fabric. Before you go to purchase a guitar stand makes a thorough study of various types of stand available, its pros and cons, etc. The wood stand is available at musiciansfriend.com at reasonable rates.